By the Numbers

 Reporting rent payments attracts better tenants, reduces evictions, and increases
on-time payments.


Property owners saw up to a 50% decrease in late payments on average after rent payment reporting began.


When given a choice between two similar properties, two-thirds of renters (67%) in the TransUnion survey said they would choose the rental unit with reporting already in place.


A recent TransUnion survey* showed that seven in 10 renters (73%) would be more likely to make on-time payments if property managers reported rent payments to a credit bureau.

Reward on-time payments

Offering rent payment reporting helps your tenants build or establish good credit, giving them greater financial security, lower interest rates, and access to more opportunities.

Amenities like rent reporting engage renters and foster loyalty, reducing turnover and attracting high quality tenants.

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Additional property revenue

RCR’s flexible pricing model gives property owners the opportunity to create an additional monthly revenue stream. Or, you can simply pass the savings on to your tenants.

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Seamless integrations

RCR does all of the hard work for you. From importing resident data to submitting to all three credit bureaus, we make the entire process easy and painless.